I am a Chicago based photographer, cinematographer/editor, and writer, though I have traveled around the country and to other countries for photos and videos. I graduated from Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland, where I majored in film studies and minored in creative writing. I've been working in photo and video since 2012 and producing short films since I was in grade school. My work has been featured on Cleveland.com and BWyellowjackets.com, as well as in several print publications, including Synergies Magazine. I've had a collection of short stories and poetry published in "The Mill", and made one feature film, "Octoberland", which won a 'Best in Category' award at the EyeCatcher International Film Festival in 2015. The music video I shot and edited for Paper Morning's debut single, "Mad as a Hat", was also an official selection at the Spring Creek Film Festival. The most important aspect of any photograph, video, or piece of writing is the story that it tells, and I strive to find the connection and the story in everything that I create. I currently write for Film Debate and work as a freelance videographer, photographer and editor, as well as a production assistant in the Chicago area and throughout the midwest.

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To contact Nolan, email him at nolansordyl@gmail.com