Film Debate and Writing by Nolan Sordyl

I've just had an article published on Film Debate, which you can read here:

Film Debate is a great site and if you're not careful you can definitely lose half a day or more going from one article to the next like I've done on more than one occasion. 

I've been doing a lot of writing lately, including work on a novel, though I've been focused on a screenplay for a film that is in the early stages of pre-production- preliminary casting, putting together a crew and equipment, fundraising, etc. It's a long process but I'm excited to be starting work on a new film. 

OCTOBERLAND Now Streaming! by Nolan Sordyl

After many months writing, shooting and editing the film, and several more months following it to various screenings at festivals across the country, my first feature length film, OCTOBERLAND, is live, available online to stream for free. This is a film that never would have been possible without hundreds of hours from dozens of people, and I can't thank all of them enough for their contributions. I hope you enjoy the film as much as we enjoyed making it!


Awards by Nolan Sordyl

Octoberland was shown in two film festivals this past weekend- The Eyecatcher International Film Festival in McCalester, Oklahoma and the Martinsville Horror Fest in Virginia. The film won the "Best Student Feature" award in Oklahoma. Check back soon for updates on when the film will be available for streaming!

Film Festivals by Nolan Sordyl

It has been an exciting past few weeks. A few weeks ago, Octoberland was announced as an official selection of the Eyecatcher International Film Festival, which will take place in Oklahoma this November. And then yesterday, the music video for "Mad as a Hat" was selected to participate in the Spring Creek Film Festival, which will take place in Spring Creek Arkansas this month. "Mad as a Hat" is the first single off of Paper Morning's debut EP, "Pixelated", which is available for streaming on their Bandcamp site. 

More festival announcements will be coming out over the next few weeks, and once Octoberland has completed its run in the festival circuit it will be available for streaming.